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These are no ordinary killers ...

They don't distinguish between good and evil. They just kill. South Carolina's a ruthless place after the Civil War. And when Sheriff's Deputy Noah Chandler finds seven Ku Klux Klansmen and two Northern soldiers massacred along a road, he cannot imagine who would murder these two diametrically opposed forces.

When a surviving Klansman babbles about wraiths, and is later murdered inside a heavily guarded jail cell, Noah realizes something sinister stalks his town. He believes a freed slave who's trying to protect his farm from a merciless land baron can help unmask the killers. Soon Noah will have to personally confront the things good men must do to protect their loved ones from evil.

Praise for Matt Manochio:

"Matt Manochio is a writer who'll be thrilling us for many books to come."
— Jim DeFelice, New York Times bestselling co-author of American Sniper

Praise for Sentinels:

"The human horror of the post-war South is stark and shocking in and of itself and provides the perfect backdrop for a horror novel."

"This book is an island of refuge in a sea of overused horror plots."
— Shattered Ravings Reviews

"From the gritty realism of the beginning of the book to the climactic supernatural showdown, Sentinels is a novel that never lets up, always delivers on unfolding mystery and is suspenseful to the last page."

"Sentinels is a highly entertaining read that I would definitely recommend to horror fans and particularly those who enjoy historical horror."
— The Horror Bookshelf

"Fans of historical fiction, westerns, and great horror will like this 4 star read."
— The Horror Maiden Reviews

"I really enjoyed the story, holding my breath with anticipation from start to finish, and had the hardest time putting it down, reading late into the night."
— The Gal in the Blue Mask Reviews


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